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Default Re: Redskins name change?

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
You used to work on a reservation in one part of one state of one country in North America. With that experience you know Native American's collective attitude and experience with this particular moniker? That is gold. The boy growing up on the reservation in Arizona isn't going to have the same experience as a girl in an affluent suburb of Salt-lake city. He isn't going to have the same experience as the lone Native American boy that was in my class in the mid 90's. The kid in my class wasn't part of a collective or reservation. There was no exuded Native American pride. He sure as hell wasn't going to show up in a Redskin's coat or jersey or winter hat. I am relatively sure he would have believed that was the worst thing he could've done. I alluded in a previous post this boy's experience was probably not happening often and not the norm. That doesn't mean we should write him and this ten percent off as an outlier or "whiners". "Redskin" was used against him in a hateful way more than a few times. Just because everything is swell where you come from doesn't mean it's swell everywhere. Maybe "Redskin" is rarely used as a slur in most areas of North America but it was used as one where I grew up. The vernacular and lexicon of a population has huge variations with contrasting populations, even in North America. To label my personal experience as "liberal propaganda" is asinine and ignorant. Maybe I'm wrong and no one outside my hometown has been called "Redskin" in a derogatory manner and the 10% really are a bunch of over-sensitive "whiners" but nothing I've said comes from a political agenda. You don't know my political affiliation but everyone now knows the skewed angle you're coming from. Flame-bait political bullshit is incredibly insipid, try something else.
Well, let's see, my experience: hundreds of male and female Natives Americans of all ages over a several year period. You: one kid in your class. I stand by my was a widespread sense of pride. It's only a few pc people or some lib needing a cause that make this an issue. You are wrong. "redskin" is not a negative epithet that is used by bigots. Maybe you're just sensitive cause you did grow up in some pocket of racial bigotry. If that's the case, I will give you some latitude for being surrounded by prejudice jerks for your formational years. But for the most part, this stuff is born in the freshman classroom of some liberal prof who tapped into you and others "white guilt" and convinced you that this is some noble, redemptive cause. Again, I INTENTIONALLY AND SPECIFICALLY have asked numerous Native Americans I taught and worked with whether this was an issue. I can honestly say I never encounter a single one who was bothered by it...just the opposite. My guess is that less than 10% of the NA population cares about this at all....its just another case of a few angry people or someone who thinks they're gonna save baby seals and purge the language. And you clearly don't know where I am coming from....since I chose to work with, among and for Native Americans to increase education, reduce poverty, deal with social issues, etc. I remain friends with many of my former Native students and co-workers even though it has been several years since I left the area. They don't agree with your tenth grade classmate and neither do I.
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