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Default Re: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
grandpa bush also appears to be a grave robber who dabbled in satanic sorcery. it is well known that if you sell your soul to the devil, you will be rewarded with all the earthly riches (such as money and power) one could desire.
It has been suggested that both sides of W's lineage are rather dark...

But to the OP, 40 some years ago I was a statistician at this rather sprawling complex outside Frankfurt Germany called Farbwerke Hoechst. It covers 2 by 2 miles on both sides of the Main River. While Frankfurt and Hoechst to the East were all but destroyed by the 8th Air Force, not a single bomb fell on that complex save one dropped by a fighter pilot returning home as a "target of opportunity". Evidently he didn't get the memo that bombing the IG Farben plant was verboten. Yes, that IG Farben. That was the very plant where Zyklon B was developed and manufactured. I know this because daily I walked past the barracks that housed the humans on which that and other "chemicals" were "tested".

"Why", one might ask, wasn't that complex leveled? A significant piece of IG Farben was owned by "American interests". Not uncommon, really.

For more fun, read these.

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