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Default Re: Mike Wallace vs Swann, Ward etc.

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Because Wallace had more catches, yards and touchdowns than Holmes in a 4 year period I'm going to have to disagree with you. In fact, even though Wallace has played 3 fewer seasons than Holmes I am confident he will have more career TDs than his predecessor at the end of next season.
I understand your points. But if you see how I list my reasons, it's not about pure numbers. I think Holmes made everyone better. He was also the guy that was double teamed a ton, while not running the less demanding deep balls. He took more contact and made more tough catches and runs in his years in Pittsburgh than Wallace might have in his whole career. You have to admit, Wallace does not run over the middle much, and almost never catches the ball if a defender touches or hits him while in the act of catching. Holmes made many great catches while taking tremendous hits. If Wallace ever figures this whole game out, he can be a real gamechanger. Frankly, I think he lost his confidence about a year and a half ago. With all the contract talks and false bravado while facing the cameras and microphones, I think he definitely was affected by the pressure. The really great players in this game have an unwavering confidence that allows them to succeed even after massive screwups. It's how they're wired. Wallace doesn't have that. He may someday, but right now he talks and negotiates like he's "The Man", but in his heart I don't think HE believes it. I hope he develops and becomes all he can be. I also would love to see him do it with the Steelers if I thought he had it in him. I just don't think he has the drive and mental and physical toughness to earn and deserve the money he's asking for. It's too big of a risk to pay him with what we've seen out of him for a year and a half now. It's nothing personal, because I actually like the guy. He hasn't been a jerk, and he doesn't get in trouble. I think he listened to his agent and priced himself out of what might be the best situation he may ever have the chance to play in.
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