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Default Re: Ed: Foote Says Steelers Talking New Contract With Him

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
This kind of mentality has to change. Did Foote really have a good season? Look past the stats - he's slowing Timmons down. He's forcing Timmons to play two positions on the inside because Foote is too slow to cover effectively. So, he's put into a role to blitz and disrupt which he can't do very well, either. He's forcing the teams hand here and Timmons is, again, playing both inside positions.

How about we draft someone that isn't 32 and can cover and blitz effectively which would do two things: it lets Timmons finally play the position he was drafted to do and, in turn, would give a significant boost to the pass rush.

We have to change this mentality of being loyal to guys that aren't effective. I don't put a lot of stock into the 'tackle' stat - Ray Lewis had 44 tackles heading into the Super Bowl and was utterly useless on the field. Remember him trying to cover Vernon Davis? It was embarrassing. Foote's game is similar - he can't cover and he can't disrupt because he's too old to contribute consistently.

Time to head for greener pastures, Larry.
The team will do what they see is best, I can't hold anything against Foote if they want him back.
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