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Default Re: Ed: Foote Says Steelers Talking New Contract With Him

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Oh brother... wasted cash.

Love ya Foote but your time is up. Other vets deserve to stay (Keisel, Harrison, Troy). You, unfortunately, do not.

He contributed more than all 3 of those players combined, I don't know what the hell games most of the people in this thread were watching but Foote was probably the 2nd best player on our entire defense last year after Timmons. Truth be told I'd rather have him back more than Harrison, Polamalu, and Keisel combined. I love all three of these guys but if you wanna talk about a players time being up, all 3 of the players you mentioned need to be in the conversation. Not to mention they cost an entire shitload more money to keep on the field, or in the case of Harrison and Troy, on the sideline nursing injuries. Bring back Foote, drop the has-beens. Like I said, I love all three of these guys and greatly appreciate their contributions over the years but this paying 10mil a year for guys to sit on the sidelines for more than half of the season and not performing when they actually do play has to stop. If nothing else, at least Foote stays healthy.
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