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Default Re: LeBeau bemoans lost season

and the grass is green.... on the other side of the fence???

Seriously, we had a solid enough D to make a run, but the O was a mess, especialy the OL. I'm not at all surprised Kugler left after a year like that. Actually, I'm surprised Kugler didn't have a nevous breakdown after a season like that.

When you look at the snap counts of all the linemen, noting the position changes, not only in between games, but during games, it's surprising they weren't tying themselves into knots. The lack of continuity profoundly effected the efficiency of the offense as the year wore on. Add to that Ben's injury, that took him from a career year level of play to barely able to muster the skills of a Jake Cuttler...... and that was all she wrote.

LeBeau's comment we could have won the championship is a nice thought, but there were some serious issues with this team, from the FO, to the coaching, to the medical staff, down to the players underachiving. Hopefully the Steelers got this wakeup call and we can look forward to 2013.
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