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Default Re: LAPD cop killer cop on the loose

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Other than anyone who read his "manifesto" hard to see what was "exposed." Now that the media circus has moved on don't count on any sifting review of his "allegations' - Newtown is in the rear view mirror and this will be too
I have to believe that you don't actually think it's acceptable standard practice for cops to shoot and kill black people driving a similar vehicle to Dorner's because they're black. A desperate man on the lam showed how easy it is not to kill people, while those who are here to serve and protect did quite the opposite. You don't see a lesson there somewhere?

The dude was a murderous nutcase. You'll get no argument from me. But as it turns out the police are more so - particularly the force that created him - and no one gives a shit.
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