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Default Re: ESPN Insider: AFC North Holes

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
The 3-4 Zone Blitz isn't outdated or overrated. We lost Polamalu (again) and Harrison during the season and still was number one in total defense and pass defense.

Now, the only thing outdated about Dick's ideology is the 'attack the catch' mentality he's maintained. We have a great defense when it's healthy and gelled. The offense had 8 turnovers against Cleveland and we only lost by 7 points which is telling in and of itself. The defense played lights out the second half of the year and, if we had Ben healthy and ready to go, we would've been a force to be reckoned with.

No one is arguing that they were underachieving the first half of the season - they were. But, to say they're overrated and the scheme itself is outdated is a mistake. You don't finish number one and two against the pass and run, respectively, if your defense is overrated.
This is good assesment of the 2012 season defesively speaking.

LeBeau's D is a percentage D, not shut down. The law of averages rules the day. It's been that way since he was with Philly in the Jaworski era. It's boring, dull and seems completely inept at times, but at the end of the day, the results are there.

If there is a wrinkle that needs to be fixed, and it isn't the 10 yard cushion on WRs, its how we defend ZBS. Our DL, especially Hood's first step is moving away from the center on the outside shoulder of the guard. This makes them suceptible to combo blocks as they are already moving away from the ball. Woodley gets wiped out in the wash, if the Center can get a block on the Buck LB, they got 4-5 yards on a cutback before safety or the mack backer help arrives.

Jacksonville was the first team I remember chewing us up, and now Baltimore uses it to perfection on us.
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