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Default Re: Mike Wallace turned down $10 million a yr deal from Steelers

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Trust me, I screamed his name and cursed his number many a drive. I remember one drive, on the sidelines, where he simply had to put both feet down... but, instead, took a HUUUGE step out of bounds, and ended the drive. WTF!?! Fitzgerald would have gotten five feet down.

Regardless, those TDs will be missed.
Agreed - but the Steelers made their investment in the WR position when they signed Brown - the $$ simply are not available to sign Wallace and he performed last year like someone who knew he was getting out (topped off by not playing the last game after the Steelers were eliminated)

There are all sorts of intrigues regarding how the WR position was utilized, such as why Montgomery resigned as WR coach to return to Duke. Bouchette of the P-G initially speculated Montgomery was encouraged to leave, but know speculates Montgomery wanted out because he did not like Haley's offense (another leak, this one involving a shot at a coach rather than a player - Tomlin needs to say that shit stops now at the first meeting this spring)
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