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Default Re: Antonio Brown says the Steelers’ locker room was divided last year

wait a second, though. I saw Brown today (he was in the ESPN studios, so he made the rounds on at least 3 if not more of the shows today - i saw him on 3 different ones, personally.."

-i like Brown - but he wasn't a very good speaker or guest and wasn't very articulate. Certainly not like Ryan Clark or even Ike Taylor, when they do appearances on the shows. He definitely was "very unpolished" to be a TV guest -
My point is that he was asked some questions today by some of the analysts and in my opinion, he didn't seem to give good answers, struggling a bit with the questions they were asking.

At one point he was asked if Tomlin would address the "leaks" and so forth behind closed doors (as everyone else agreed he almost SURELY would) - and Brown kept saying "no, not at all", etc, which i found completely ridiculous and hard to believe.
When he commented about the locker room being "divided", it didn't so much as seem that he said it was, he seemed to give in to the question more.

I took all Brown's comments with a grain of salt.
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