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Default Re: Antonio Brown says the Steelers’ locker room was divided last year

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
In his defense, Holmes did - and still does - the same thing. I'm sorry, the 'Steeler Way' of the 90's is slowly fading with every draft. The new generation of players and fans don't mind his first down dance or the fact he ran backward 20 yards into the endzone.

Let him do his first down taunt. Who is it hurting?
I would hope the standard is a little higher than what Holmes set

It's not "hurting" anything - but if it is all about team then celebrating yourself a half-dozen times a game for a garden variety play is contrary to that

Thanks for letting me know what the "next generation" of fans think - is that a paid position or have you agreed to be the designated spokesman for free I confess to not knowing what my generation of fans think - it is not a monolithic group
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