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Default Re: Antonio Brown says the Steelers’ locker room was divided last year

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I agree with Skip Bayless. I think that whoever this anonymous source was that was talking about Woodley will ultimately end up helping this team gel and come together. It's already been discussed, but Woodley is already training and working out with Clark soon to follow.

Maybe someone like Roethlisberger needs to sit everyone down and say 'Guys, what the fuck.' and get everyone a) on the same page and b) working as a unit. Ben needs to have a similar approach to what Claude Giroux just did what the Flyers - call them out. Not to the media, but call the team out behind closed doors and let them know that 8-8 is unacceptable. Having personal agendas and egos take over a team is unacceptable and letting them run over a team is what happened in 2012. This begins and ends with Roethlisberger stepping up and accepting his leadership role.

It has to be more than Ben, though. AB, Sanders and Pouncey have to step up as the more 'veteran guys' and take control over this team. In house bitching and personal agendas can't derail another season. Oh, and for Christ sake, can we not ignore what Polamalu says? Whenever Troy talks, everyone needs to shut up and listen. I'm not sold on him being on the roster next year, but the guy knows what he's talking about and when he talks, the young guys have to shut up and listen.
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