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Default Re: Steelers echoing Jets dysfunctional ways

there are a couple lines in that article every member of the Steelers should read before they do their workout this off-season.

I do agree with Steel Bus 24 though - we lose our 1st and 3rd round pick to injury before the regular season, our two top defensive players are injured (one of them for almost the whole season). We played the revolving O-line game again, our starting RB wasn't even suppose to be on the field this season, our QB had a life threatening injury week 11, and our iron-man top CB gets injured when the season was on the line. Our #1 WR sat out during camp and played not to get injured. At the beginning of the season Foote said that defensive players weren't buying into the scheme. By the end of the season it seems the locker-room wasn't all together on much. We still missed the playoffs by 3 points against the Bengals.

Whatever's happened has happened. This is the start of the next season and we will see if the Steelers have the players to come back from a bad year.
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