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Default Re: Steelers echoing Jets dysfunctional ways

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Agree with everything you wrote except for this ^^^^.

I think you have a very short memory-- showing Bruce Arians the door was the best coaching move they have made in years. I am GLAD as HELL I do not have to see anymore of that 5-wide on 3rd down and 1 crappola anymore. No more refusal to use a Fullback. No more trying for the homerun when a 5 yard pickup would keep the drive going.

We were naive to think there would be no hiccups in implementing an offense that differs so drastically from the previous one, but I think Haley was the right move, BY FAR, for the future and moving forward.

With an extra year of familiarity with the system, the shedding of a contract-hungry showboat, a retooled ground game, an improved Oline, and a hungry attitude, this offense should be a machine by this next season's opener. I have no problems with Bruce Arians and am glad for his success with Indy, but no offense-- I am glad he is NOT on our sidelines anymore.
Aww. Poor baby upset that all the writers don't just cheer lead the Steelers all the time? Boo hoo.

I think a lot of the hate coming from this thread is because most of what this guy writes is true. The Steelers are way more dysfunctional than yinzer nation wants to accept.
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