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Default Re: Steelers echoing Jets dysfunctional ways

I read this article when I got up this morning, I posted a thread with my thoughts on another board, here are those thoughts:

I think most of us can agree that our team severely lacks leadership. We need someone to stay up and take the bull by the horns; Adam Schein’s makes some interesting points. The article talks about the issues that have occurred not just in 2012 season but also the 2011 season. Since the 2011 season we’ve lost Ward and are about to lose Wallace, two receivers in two seasons. We led this season with all kinds of drama from Mike Wallace, who went on to have a rather disappointing season despite catching 8 TDs. Most recently we’ve heard someone call out LaMarr Woodley, Dick LeBeau suggest we could’ve won the super bowl, Antonio Brown suggest the locker room is divided, and during the season Rashard Mendenhall was suspended for ‘disrespecting the team’. On top of that our future Hall of Fame Quarterback called out the Offensive Coordinator, more than once.

Now, in this article there are some things I disagree with Schein on, such as the idea that injuries had nothing to do with where we finished this season. Such as the Bengals being a better football team than the Steelers, and the notion that we will cut ties with Heath Miller. I just don’t see that happening honestly, though I do think that we will cut Harrison and Hampton. The biggest thing I agree with is that Kevin Colbert has to stop living in the past. Ties need to be cut with some of the veterans; we shouldn’t go into rebuilding mode but we’ve got to become a younger football team and we need the veterans we do keep to step up and be leaders.

Many of these problems can be stemmed back to the lack of leadership, the loss of Farrior, Ward, Aaron Smith, etc. It won’t get any easier as Polamalu is not the man he once was, Ryan Clark is probably going to be heading into his last season with the Steelers, James Harrison likely won’t be on the roster, Woodley is seriously out of shape, Ike Taylor may have a couple seasons left, Keisel, if he remains, will likely be on his last season as a Steeler and we’re all pretty sure Hampton won’t be back.
I don’t think we’re as bad off as the article by Schein makes us sound but I’m also not going to ignore the fact that there are issues. We are a young defense and healthy, consistent offensive line away from winning our 7th Super Bowl, so I don’t believe what LeBeau said is far-fetched at all. I also don’t believe the Ravens are THAT much better than us.

I agree with some of the people who said that we cannot fix all of our issues in a single draft, that couldn’t be more true. But we have to have a solid draft this season and need to have another solid draft the next time around. Colbert, while he has done a relatively solid job with early picks, has to do better overall with ALL the picks in our draft. There are going to be misses, that’s unavoidable, especially in later rounds, but we’ve got to end up with more hits than misses, something that could be argued in the last few seasons.

Tomlin has to get control of this team, get rid of the drama, and reestablish discipline. Undisciplined teams will not win very often..just look at the New York Jets; the comparison made in the aforementioned article.

Heading forward, I am very confident about what level of success we are going to have; I’ve said that in several threads. I truly bleed black and gold and I’ll always believe that we’re headed into our best season yet even if, in the end, it doesn’t work out that way. We do have a lot of youth, if Worilds works out; we’re not as bad off at LB as we could be. If Gilbert finally comes around perhaps our Offensive Line will finally gain some consistency. There are things, such as the Strength & Conditioning Coach that I would change, but it’s not my decision. At the end of the day, it’s not hard to realize that the lack of leadership spawns chaos. We need people to step up, we’re close to breaking through to the ‘new era’ of Pittsburgh football, but we could be as close to nailing shut our own coffin.
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