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Default Re: Steelers echoing Jets dysfunctional ways

My goodness. We had an 8-8 season....... what an abject failure. I can see all of this angst if we were repeatedly 4-12..... just one 8-8 season has everybody from the the Owners box down to lunch bucket Charlie sitting at his computer hacking at his computer, bemoaning it.

Look, this is the best run football team in America, with a 40 year track record to prove it. Like it or not, this is a cyclical business, and fellas, we 're reloading. Nothing more, and it's going to take time. Deal with it.

As far as I can tell, unless Goodell ruins the game, or it all moves to Xbox for safety reasons, there will be professional football played 40 years from now, and If I were a betting man, over those 40 years, we'll be the one with best record.

So, please, relax, think pleasant thoughts, and stop listening to the talking heads who's job it is to p*ss you off.
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