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Default Re: LeBeau bemoans lost season

As much as I hate to say this, even in our 8 losses last year, there was some really good football played, just not quite good enough to win.

The margin of victory is razor thin in the NFL, we could have been 11-5 just as easily as 5-11 under the same set of circumstances, and that is what makes the game compelling. Seriously, if we lost everygame, how many of you would bother to watch? None right? Well, if we won every game, all the time, why bother to watch?

I'm not saying I condone losing, I'm just saying this is life, where you can't have a front without a back, or an up without a down. As we reload, there are going to be issues. The good news is there isn't another NFL team that doesn't have them. Even if there is a club that doesn't have them, rest assured, they soon will.

Frankly, I'm done with last year. It's over and in the books, never to be changed. Going forward we are going to have more than a few roster spots up for grabs, as this roster spins faster than the early 70s Noll teams. Hopefully, in Tomlin's exit interview with the team went like what Noll said when he took over the team.

He told them that he knew the reason they were not a good team. It was because they were not good enough. Further said that he was going to find players that could thrive in his systems, and that most of them were going to be gone shortly.

Granted, Noll didn't have to deal with cap issues like Woodley and Colon, but he sure cleared out a lot of dead wood, and promptly bought himself a 1-13 season followed by another losing season before things turned around.
Based on the reaction of Steeler Nation today over an 8-8 reacord, Noll would have been sent out in barge loaded with dynamite and set off at Point Park.

Under the circumstances, I think we can afford to be a little more gracious toward the team, especially the coaching staff. The offensive and defensive systems are sound, but execution needs to improve.

Me, I'm looking forward to seeing the new kids come on as well as the annual tweaks. Enjoy these kids while they're here. They'll be gone in a blink of an eye.
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