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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

I'm tired of seeing the running backs get the blame for the lack of production in the run game. Redman is an expert at making something out of nothing, and nothing is exactly what our OL gives in support of the running game. And Dwyer is really able to break things open, given a hole. Those two are perfectly adequate NFL backs; we don't need to draft a back early, because honestly, what are the chances of identifying one of those rare backs that doesn't need a hole? Every NFL back is better with a hole. But granted, we need bodies behind those two for injuries. (And I assume Mendy is gone, and Batch still won't be able to contribute).

And I'm tired of the talk about drafting WRs. Sure, they're exciting, but I'd like to see our QB have an NFL pocket, if only for 1-2 seconds. Every WR looks better when the ball gets to the QB's hands before a LB does.

Anyone who looks around the league and watches other NFL teams knows that our OL is a multi-year joke, and it's been so for about six years now. It's gotten to the point where we don't even remember what a normal NFL offense looks like - to the point where our head coach almost accepts it as the standard. Well, it's not standard for the defense to hold a party in the offensive backfield every other play; other teams don't have that problem. So forget those skill positions for now. We need improvements in the infrastructure positions first, and the skill positions will look better and better.

And finally, I'm not exempting the coaching here, not at all. The jury is still out on Haley, especially with all the injuries, but I'm looking for real improvement. I'm looking to Haley to try and figure out how to build plays and schemes that accomodate our weaknesses. If we don't have a true NFL caliber OL, then we need to figure out how to work around the deficiencies. If we want to just hike the ball and let the QB run around and make something up, well we had Arians for that. Let's see some coaching that makes our line appear to be an NFL line.
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