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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
thanks for the post, I've been waiting for it. I agree Colon is going to be gone, love his fire and everything, but unfortunately he does commit to many untimely penalties, is injury prone, and his price is too high.

I still say Starks will be on this team by the end of preseason.
Thanks for the thanks!

I can only hope that if Starks is on the team, we somehow get the good Starks of recent vintage - not the one that made us all shake our heads for so long, wondering why there was no pride, no effort. The man has a body custom-built by GOD for NFL OT. He could have been great if he wanted to.

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
Doesn't cutting Colon leave a lot of dead money? I thought I remember reading it was around $5 million.
I don't know, and actually, maybe that screws up my analysis. I've been assuming Colon needs to go for cap reasons. If not, and he's still here, it's almost as if he needs to start just based on pure ability and the big hole at LG. But I'm so ready to move on from that unfulfilled potential and all those "unforced errors"...
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