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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
The line simply isn't playing to the strength of its ability. Listen, the Haley experiment was just that in its first year. An experiment. I have all the faith that this transition is going to take advantage at what we do best and it starts up front. I love the talent. Gilbert is a natural LT. Beachum showed he can play. Pouncey is an ALL PRO beast at center. DeCastro will have the opportunity to start fast next season and Adams was a beast in the run game. All athletic bodies up front. I posted some time ago about the zone blocking scheme implemented before Dulac wrote about it in the PPG. If we can take advantage of our ability upfront and use them right, Ben will be able to see the field better and we can work on the run game like we want to. Our wideouts are fine IMO, even without Wallace. It's the offensive line that may surprise in 2013. Also love Will Johnson. I think he'll be a nice prospect.
Pouncey is Good but his ALL Pro selection this year was a give me. He did not deserve it. He played very average.

I watched a dominating Center play weekly named Darmonti Dawson....Pouncey is not even close to that level.

It will be interesting to see if he becomes dominating once the line as a whole improves and play together for more than one week.
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