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Default Re: Antonio Brown says the Steelers’ locker room was divided last year

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
What do you want him to do right now? He was doing his best to try and keep a locker room together in which your top receiver was holding out for financial reasons. Then, all of the veteran leadership was released because they were underachieving and not producing. A young guy had to take on the leadership role and none of the younger guys were willing or able to shoulder it.

Not everything is Tomlin's fault - contrary to what is popular on these boards. It's a cop out answer and if we insist on pinning the blame on Tomlin, nothing is going to improve or change. The players need to step up and take accountability for what they're doing or in this case, not doing, and be responsible.
Nothing like having a head coach who's just not responsible for anything, nothing's his fault, doesn't have to fix anything because he's never wrong. Now that's a formula for success if I ever saw one.

Now in Mike's defense, the last time the steeler brass installed one of their personal friends, Joe Walton, as offensive coordinator, the team performed down to the pre 1970's level. Which was very very bad. And they did so for several years. Until they finally got rid of the bum.

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