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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Very true. Defenders used to lose sleep for three or four days before having to play Dawson. He truly was one of the best who EVER played.

Is Pouncey "that" good? Probably not... but, I still think that Pouncey is great, and more importantly, i brlieve that he is going to get even better once his supporting cast is not a couple of dimwits (The Colon & Chemo).

I guess my point is something like this:
Is Ike Taylor as good as Rod Woodson? No... but, who is???
Is Casey the Hutt as good as Joe Greene? No... but, who is???
Is Pouncey as good as Dawson? No... but, who is???
What you say is true.

Both Colon and Kemo were maulers. DeCastro is a mauler with better feet. I honestly hope we keep Foster, as he is a dependable and nasty interior player.
Beechum is more of a technician IMO and will likely struggle with larger interior linemen in our division at guard. I would rather see Beechum as the swing tackle.

Gimme Gilbert, DeCastro, Pouncey, Foster, Adams to start on gameday and dress Beechum and Legursky (or any other backup C/G) as reserves. We can win with that line.
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