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Default Re: Hunt for three key draftees heats up for Steelers

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
Fans always want what they want, but the Steelers always have a plan and they stick to it. The thing we never know is the list of evaluations on players. They will have a list of targeted players and where they think they can get them in the draft. If a player they covet is available when their pick comes up, they take him. If they know they can get that player later, or a similarly rated player, they can move down and get additional picks. That's why the draft is so exciting and difficult to predict. Nobody knows for sure which players will be taken or when. They have to react on the fly. The one thing we know for sure is that this draft is not top heavy. Most experts are saying that there is not much difference between the #2 pick or the #30 pick. There is a lot of depth, particularly on defense. I was just pointing out that the team may be releasing up to 15 players from last years roster. That's a ton of bodies that have to be replaced. This will all depend on how many players are released, but the team will already know who's staying and who's going. If there are lots of roster spots to fill, you can count on them moving down, particularly with the talent available late in this draft. This isn't a year after winning the Super Bowl, where the roster is going to be relatively unchanged and you are just adding depth and complimentary talent. You can target a particular player or two and just take best available when your picks come up.

I think all past patterns can go out the window this year. The Steelers need to do what they have to do to strengthen the team. We'll know when we find out who is being let go and how many holes have to be filled.
I hear ya, there is going to be a ton of roster spots open on our team, but if Jonathan Cooper is on the board at 17, you got to take him.. We'd have the best, youngest, talented Oline in the league, possibly for years.
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