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Both Jamie and the character turned me off.

Jamie because he's gone on racist tirades before, particularly the one against Howard Stern. It's not that I dislike racial humor, as Richard Pryor is one of my favorite comedians. But when I hear the garbage like I heard from his radio rant, it makes me wonder sometimes if it is humor or acting.

That said, it was the most minor problem, and he played the character well. What bothered me most was that the character didn't grow throughout the film. I never got the sense that he came to appreciate Schultz's efforts, considering all the sacrifice Schultz went through during the entirety of the movie. And Django sacrificing the slave to the dogs turned me off again, but admittedly, that could be because I am a huge Batman fan, lol, so take that with a grain of salt.

All this in mind, I wasn't bothered by the dialogue. I thought It was catchy, and if not for the constant use of the "N-word", would have been one of those largely quotable movies. Anything Samuel L. Jackson said had my sides splitting.

Edit: I'm not one of these overly-sensitive white guys who decries anybody who makes comments about race. I just don't dig the obsession he seems to have with race. I'm not offended by it, it just gives me a negative view of him, that kind of tainted Django's character for me.

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