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Default Re: Mid-Combine Mock Draft

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
1. Too high... but, I agree: take him ASAP.
2. Nice.
3. He's a possible R1 pick.
4. Could drop... but, not likely.
5. Good.
6. I do not see him being there that late, but I would like him in R4.
7. Good call. He emailed (Or wrote a letter) to Colbert, begging for a chance. The Steelers took Adams, after he did something similar.
I think Chase Thomas goes in the 3rd but 4th is possible. Jesse Williams probably in the 2nd but I can see him possibly going into the 3rd.. And Michael Mauti wrote a letter to every NFL team not just the Steelers. Mike Adams practically begged the Steelers to take him and made promises for just them. Of course this just based on talk now. Dwyer right before the combine was a 1st rounder and he dropped all the way to the 6th so nothing is certain.
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