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Default Re: Let's talk linebackers

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I've been high on this kind since October. Look, he's going to be a monster. There was a lot of talk on these boards about how he couldn't be a 3-4 player because of his height, weight and how he was an overrated 4-3 DE and wouldn't fit as a 3-4 OLB. Now, the ignorance in that last statement is astounding but I'd be willing to bet they're eating their words - he absolutely did kill it today. He looked like a stud.

The guy projects to me like Aldon Smith. He's fast and can use his speed and acceleration to get around Tackles in the NFL. I'm not going to judge him by his 40 time as others are, but it's great to know he had an excellent vertical (swat down passes a la Watt) and really opened eyes during the drills. This is the kind of player I wouldn't mind us trading up to get. Now, all that being said, we might not have to trade up far. With the way the offensive line looked and pressing need for DTs, I feel as if Jordan is going to be pushed back. The only team that would take a run at him in the first 10 are the Jets, and I feel like Rex is going to take Ansah there as a project he can work with. Guys like Jones, Jordan, Mingo and Moore are all going to be pushed back as teams reach for Quarterbacks and LTs in this draft.

I'd give up a fourth and a fifth to trade with someone like the Panthers at 14. In all likelihood, Sheldon Richardson will be on the board at 17 so the Panthers would be keen on trading down, picking up a couple extra picks and then taking Richardson to shore up their DLine. If we're serious about shoring up our pass rush, Jordan is the place to start. Let Butler work with him and improve his technique and he'll be a force on that right side opposite Woodley.
I have also liked Jordan. He has the speed rush and is the same body type as Aldon Smith. The only difference? Jordan can cover. But, I think you are wrong about only the Jets looking at him. Cleveland is switching to a 3-4 as well and he can still play at the 4-3 end position because he can add weight. If I'm Cleveland, I think really hard about him at number 6. And right now he is my top mock to them. I had Jarvis Jones and Star Lotuleilei, but both have medical red flags.
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