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Default Re: Let's talk linebackers

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
You're giving too much credit to Cleveland. This is the same organization that drafted a 28 year old rookie Quarterback and thought it was a great idea. Granted, a different staff is on board now, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I'm Cleveland. They're in the business of making terrible decisions.

I could definitely see them taking a look, but Jordan isn't worth a top 6 pick in my opinion. I love the kid, but he isn't worth that high of a selection. They need help on offense and, same with the Jets, might have to take a long look at Ezekiel Ansah. If I'm Cleveland, though, I'm taking Jarvis Jones. That guy is a beast, spinal issues aside. They might also look at someone like Floyd to anchor their DLine.
Yeah I guess haha. Cleveland is pretty terrible, with Michael Lombardi being especially terrible with his draft record. But Floyd is a 4-3 guy and with Philadelphia's release of Cullen Jenkins, he could be going there if the Raiders don't take him. Plus I want to give them a little bit of credit; their new owner was a partial owner of the Steelers
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