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Default Re: Robinson: Manti Teo, Steelers could be perfect couple

The difference between a 4.7 and 4.8 is a so small. Even 4.6 to 4.8 is 2 fractions of a second not that much. Even so you expect linebackers to be between 4.6 and 4.8 so he was where he was suppose to be. I wouldn't make much from it I didn't expect him to be a 4.6 guy and the scouts didn't either.

All that matters is what he does on the field and the tape shows he excels on the field.

Given the reports on spence, we can't count on him for 2013 and his career could be done. If he doesone back he won't be what he was. So our depth ilb is bad.

With everyone wanting a ilb next to Timmons that can cover/drop in coverage what would you guys think about moving Timmons. What I mean is in the 3-4 you got the Mack and buck in the middle, Timmons right now Is the Mack and the job of the Mack is to play sideline to sideline cover rbs and tight ends and drop in zone - usually guys faster and more althetic. Buck is the signal caller for the defense and main job is to control the run game and blitz more than the Mack.

We all want Timmons to blitz more and wreck the oline more and more well as of right now that's not his job so if Timmons is able to call the defense I would like to see him move over to the buck and draft a Mack guy with the cover skills. We can't keep Timmons in the Mack and draft a cover guy for the buck its just not how the defense is designed. So if we draft a guy like teo or other bigger backers expect Timmons to still have the same role as last year.
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