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Default Re: Add Ann Coulter to the list with Pat and Jerry

Originally Posted by Prosdo
You know I saw something like this the other day in a video a friend sent me that sickened me. It was this ridciulous lady who claimed to have her own Baptist Church. The church consisted of 80 people or so 80% her relatives. They would stand outside churches where soliders funerals were and hold signs that said "Thank God For Dead Solidiers" and "No Innocent People Die". I mean seriously how sick. The state she was in ended up passing a law about protests and such had to be 500 yards away from a funeral or something like that. She was on CNN or something and they chewed her out on there.

These folks are doing this saying that the soliders died defending gays and a country that defends gays. There is however a biker group showing up evertime they show up to counter protest and work as bodyguards for kinfolk of the lost one. In Big Fat ARKIESTEEL's world I would machine gun anybody showing up to protest at a soliders funnerals, but then who am I. This same group came to my home town and protested a few churches that allow gays in. I dont realy support gay folks nor do I realy have a problem with them as long as they are not in my face but this crap goes way to far.

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