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Default Re: Let's talk linebackers

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
How is he is pass coverage? I was saying elsewhere that what I like about Elam (& Swearinger) is that they bring it... but also can cover the pass very well.

I'd be very happy with Vaccaro. How do I explain this... Ah, okay. Not that either of these young safeties is at this level, but Elam versus Vaccaro is akin to Polamslu versus Reed: personal preference (both are HOF-level). I personally like Elam, but I'm smart enough to know that Vaccaro is arguably as good (both are amazing).

The guy, besides Elam, who I think is a monster tackler is Swearinger. I've seen him mocked everywhere from late R1 to R5. The dude can hit like a Mack truck... but, he can also cover the pass (he has played some CB).

Here are my tiered rankings of those three, in levels of "kid happy":

Swearinger only: ice cream cone

Elam or Vaccaro only: sundae

Elam/Vaccaro AND some other late-round S: sundae w/ extra toppings

Elam/Vaccaro AND Swearinger: sundae w/ extra toppings at Disneyland, while wearing an Batman costume & riding a tricked-out bike from ride-to-ride.
My Disneyland

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