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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Second Official Mock With Combine Numbers

Post Combine

Well, what a few days that turned out to be. A couple of prospects, some of whom I had never paid any attention to, jumped off the page at me during the combine. Now, it's true that the combine needs to be taken with a grain of salt but a couple of these guys (some of whom I have the Steelers taking now in this mock) really stood out.

I'm adding the combine results that a lot of people are interested in but frankly, I take these with a grain of salt. Especially their respective 40 times.

R1. Barkevious 'KeKe' Mingo - DE / converted to OLB - Louisiana State

6'4 241lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.58
Bench: DNP
Vertical: 37"

As much as I wanted Dion Jordan here, he's off the board at this point. It's a good thing Barkevious Mingo is a sideways move and could ultimately prove to be the more explosive player of the two. He's fast, agile and can cover almost as well as any OLB in this draft or, quite frankly, that I've ever seen. He had a down senior year at LSU, granted, but at the combine he showed why he's an absolute freak. He's a project for the Steelers but he will ultimately prove to be a fun project. He has room to improve from a technique standpoint but if he's given time and a little bit of leeway, this kid is going to be a monster.

R2. Phillip Thomas - Safety - Fresno State

6'0 208 lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.65
Bench: 28
Vertical: 40.5"

I've heard his name being tossed around here before but as I watched the combine, I started to realize why he's popular. This dude can cover and hit. Oh boy can he hit. He reminds me a lot of Ryan Clark in terms of his coverage ability but also his ability to come up and stuff the run. His insane vertical and leaping ability would come into play when he's picking passes off and giving our CBs a helping hand when needed. Despite his insane combine performance, he's still a relatively unknown prospect and I think would fall to us in the second round. You're looking at the next starting FS of the Steelers. This kid was impressive today - very, very impressive.

R3. Gavin Escobar - Tight End - San Diego State

6'5 255 lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.84
Bench: DNP
Vertical: 32"

You know what I say about Gavin's 40 time? He was 4. fast enough (thanks, Charles Davis). Teegre got me interested in this kid in another thread so I started to do some digging and film watching and, wow, this kid has some talent. I love the Aaron Hernandez comparison as well as he's lined up as Hback and Tight End over the course of the season. I honestly do think he projects as an Aaron Hernandez type player in which opposing teams have to gameplan for him specifically. While not the fastest guy in the world, he's agile and quick enough to elude defenders and get into open space. This kid could not only be Ben's safety blanket, but whomever we decide to take over the reigns after Benjamin hangs 'em up. Also, in the third round, this could be the pick of the draft. Let this kid start week 1.

R4. Rodney Smith - Wide Receiver - Florida State

6'5 225 lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.51
Bench: DNP
Vertical: 34.5
3 Cone: 7.03
60 Yard Shuttle: 11.84

Beast. Absolute beast. I'm taking this kid over any Running Back that is on the board for a very simple reason: he has the potential to be a top 10 WR in the league in a couple of years. I don't know how I missed on this kid up until this point - he's a freak of nature. His height and weight would give Roethlisberger the thing he has been asking for - a tall and physical WR. There are questions regarding whether or not he plays up to his size and his physicality, but Richard is a stickler for the details and under him, I feel as if this is going to be a fantastic pick. I'm going to say it here again - this kid could be the best WR we've seen in a long, long time. He fits Haley's system in terms of being a possession receiver that can get separation using his size and speed. While he's not a burner, he plays a lot like Calvin freakin' Johnson in a way that blows me away. We need to draft this kid.

R5. Michael Mauti - Linebacker - Pennsylvania State

6'2 243 lbs.

Bench (the only thing he participated in due to his knee injury): 28

This isn't a pick that I want, but a pick I'm going to have to live with. The interest between him and the Steelers seems mutual and Colbert is a sucker for this kind of story. I'm worried about his knee injuries, though. We already have Linebackers that have suffered knee injuries and I fear he isn't going to be ready come week 1. I expressed my concerns in another thread, but I feel as if the Steelers are going to take him here. There are legitimate concerns about his knee from other teams and I question his ability to free up Lawrence Timmons the way we need to free him up. He isn't the kind of guy that can let LT be LT which could ultimately be the most costly thing for us. Ultimately, this is a pick I question but am going to have to live with as the Steelers seem to love this kid.

I hope I'm wrong.

R6. Ray Graham - Running Back - Pittsburgh

5'9 200 lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.8
10 Time: 1.68
Bench: 18
Vertical: 32.5"
3 Cone: 7.17
60 Yard Shuttle: 11.63

"How about it [playing for the Steelers], Ray?

ďItíd be great,Ē said Graham. ďIíve been there and seen a lot of practices, so I felt like Iíve been a part of it already. I already visioned it.Ē

Graham was specific with his wording. He didnít mean EN-vision. His emphasis was more akin to tunnel-vision.

ďIím always talking about vision,Ē Graham said. ďThatís always the thing in the Bible. Youíre supposed to have vision, vision that you put into reality. Thatís why you dream big, man. I just think that, so, yeah, I believe it.""

He wants to play here. Mike and Ray already have a good relationship that involves teasing and having fun. At the combine, Mayock remarked that this kid has a fun-loving, spirited attitude that knows how to turn it on for gameday. He's the kind of kid that will get overlooked due to his combine numbers but will ultimately fall into our laps in the sixth round. There are legitimate questions about his size and whether or not that translates into being an every-down NFL Running Back, but LeSean McCoy isn't much bigger than him. He'll have to answer these questions with his play and this is something I think he can do. He's the ultimate boom-or-bust here but in the sixth round, his potential outweighs the cons.

R7. Knile Davis - Running Back - Arkansas

5'11 227 lbs.

40 Yard Time: 4.37
10 Time: 1.49
Bench: 31
Vertical: 33.5
3 Cone: 6.96

There's going to be a lot of people that say Knile Davis won't be here in the seventh round and to them I say, before the combine, there was a legitimate chance Knile Davis went undrafted. There are still questions about his ankles and his ability to hold onto the ball. He did have fumbling issues in college but we have to keep in mind, this is a guy that had over 1300 yards and 13 TDs when Arkansas wasn't playing terrible football. This is the kind of kid that I fear won't be able to rebound from his injuries - both mentally and physically - and this is why he tumbles so far down. He doesn't get past us, though, and we give him and Graham a chance to compete with one another for our starting RB position. For a guy that's almost 230 lbs to run a sub-4.4 forty is impressive to say the least. He's strong and powerful and has the upper-body strength to move guys around and open up his own lanes.
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