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Default Re: Steelers Draft priority: find a starting runningback

I think that Redman does the best job of all our backs when there's little or nothing available, and Dwyer can be really explosive at times. I agree with you about Dwyer's strange conditioning problem, it's very worrisome. We definitely need additional backs from somewhere, because Batch hasn't shown much at all. But I've got no problem with the level of play from either of these two. As you say, we need to have a competent OL (and good offensive schemes). These backs are quite serviceable NFL backs who would do well in any reasonable system. We need to have a healthy system with healthy players.

As for Mendenhall, I just don't see the value - at least not on the kind of teams the Steelers have fielded during his time here. Even in the seasons prior to his injury, Redman regularly outperformed Mendenhall when given the chance. There's really no category where Mendy does best - he doesn't fight for the extra yards, he hesitates and doesn't hit the rare holes, he's lax about ball security, and he often doesn't show up to play. His attitude drags down the team. He looks great running in the open field when nobody's near him, but that's not an area of need, really, for any team.

I can't wait to lose this bust of a #1 pick, unfortunately the lead bust from a completely busted draft season.
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