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Default Re: Antonio Brown says the Steelers’ locker room was divided last year

Originally Posted by lardlad View Post
I have to say we are all wondering who is going to step up as a leader in the locker room. I honestly think it should be Tomlin telling these guys to knock it off. Really it is his team, locker room leaders are great to have, but without one, it shouldn't be unraveling like it SEEMS to be.

At the same time I don't have a problem with Brown speaking out. Maybe this is his way of stepping up and leading. Maybe it can be done in a better way (not to the media) but, doesn't bother me much.
1. Brown needs some serious public speaking classes or a language coach or maybe even both - its as bad if not worse than Shannon Sharpe - a favorite player of mine nonetheless

2. Hines Ward was a great leader both by example and voice - coming out and speaking his mind to the media is exactly what Antonio Brown is doing. I don't particularly know if it is necessary or useful and I'd pref just not say anything outside of locker room or 1 on 1, but for as great as Ward was, he would be on networks as much if not more than Brown, calling out a ton of guys. He came out against Ben plenty but also came to, put his arm around him at training camp, and I think that made a big statement to the rest of the team and Steeler Nation

My point is - no one seems to have each others' backs on this team - no unity and a lot of me firsts. Hopefully AB is cutting his teeth in the leadership role - refining it for next season
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