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Default Re: 49ers agree to trade Alex Smith to Chiefs

Originally Posted by Vis View Post
Smith has more years than a coach with no QB would have. Who could they get in the 2nd who's better?
Mock drafts I've seen have had bothGeno and Barkley in the late first-early second bracket. Wouldn't surprise me if either fell to the 33rd pick, and Barkley particularly has a shot to be a franchise qb in the league if he starts in a good system. I'd rather keep the picks and take my chances on someone to build around. Both of their ceilings are higher than Alex's, and they would both generate fan interest more than Alex. Besides, Alex has failed more often than not when forced to learn a new system, it was only until Harbaugh came along when he really became pretty good. Reid's system isn't the most friendly to a game managing quarterack like Alex. I just don't see it ending well for them.
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