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Default Re: Here's the guy to sit behind Ben...

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post

From the VolNation forum:

Oh, this one is my favorite:


"Allen told Hudson, according to police records, that she had seen Bray and Grandinetti hurling beer bottles and golf balls from the balcony of their apartment at Hudson's vehicle. Allen had reported Bray, 20, and Grandinetti, 26, to police for throwing the objects, but no action was taken that night.

On July 23, Allen drove to her apartment for lunch. When she came outside 30 minutes later, she found someone has smashed the windshield of her 2007 Volkswagen Jetta.

Allen filed a police report and told officers although no one saw the vandalism, she 'felt it was in retaliation for her calling the police on Bray and Grandinetti.'"


"According to Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer Dewayne Williams, Bray was driving a Jet Ski with a woman passenger when he was observed by Williams "hot dogging" with another Jet Ski. Williams explained the term "hot dogging" as "almost like playing chicken" on Jet Skis.

The other Jet Ski tipped over spilling the unidentified occupants into the water. Bray then sped near the swimmers "spraying them with water," according to Williams, who added "he was almost on top of them.'"

That isn't even scratching the surface of how much a clown this kid is. He's a notorious fuck up that obviously doesn't care about anything or anyone. Oh, and he's not even a very good Quarterback. No thanks, we don't need someone like this idiot on this team, especially when we're trying to rebuild leadership.

Bray had his "MOMENTS AT UT". but nothing was said about his time he spent away from the field taking time to read to some of the 1 grade students this past summer in the knoxville area. UT football is the biggest thing in the state. Bigger than the Oilers ( I mean the Titans and the Memphis Grizzlies) . On Saturdays we pack over 100,000 into Neyland Stadium in Knoxville. So when your're the quarterback on the most popular team in the state...Your every move is watched. And Bray didn't always toe the line..

I've been a UT fan for over 40 years. He's a 21 year old kid from California. He's in the limelight in the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Lots of people said "HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT....others say..."HE'S JUST LAID BACK"... I tend to think it's a little of both...

He's cocky and he's done some STUPID stuff. But he never been involved in "BAR FIGHTS, FLUNKED DRUG TESTS, VIOLENCE TOWARDS WOMEN, THEFT, OR EVEN DISCIPLINED FOR CUTTING CLASS. I've seen a Helluva lot worse stuff out of lots of these knuckle heads who are going to be drafted a lot higher than him...

Bray was thrown a curve right from the jump when he enrolled early , then coach Lane Kiffin left 3 weeks before National signing day and he was stuck playing for Derek Dooley.. As a freshman he got thrown in after Phil Simms kid broke his hand and played great..

His sophmore year he started strong until Justin Hunter blew out a knee against Florida and he was playing behind an offensive line of nothing but true freshman..Then towards the end of the season he broke his thumb..

This was supposed to be the year. but with Sal Sunseri ( Heard that name before) running the defense ( The worse defense ever at UT) we had to play catch up a lot..

The guy PHYSICALLY is the best quarterback to play at UT since Peyton Manning...He's 21, he cocky and hes' pulled some BONE HEADED STUNTS but nobody said that HE HAS TO START FROM DAY ONE AND LEAD THIS TEAM OUT OF THE DARKNESS.

34 TD and over 3600 yards were the most since Mannings senior year....

Favre was a screw up ( Still is) in College and Atlanta took a 3rd round chance on him.. And there has never been a bigger Big Ben fan than me, ( But look at some of the bone headed crap he's pulled and he did it AFTER he had won A Super Bowl..Some after he had won his second)..

If he's there in the mid round snag him...By thing is Can't live with Batch and Gary Coleman forever. Kid needs to grow up. Unfortunately some do, some don't. He might grow into it...He might be good trade bait...You can't teach 66" and a rocket arm..Somebody will take a chance on him.. Why not us?


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