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Default What will the 49ers do with all those draft picks?

15? I think thats what they have. Will they trade around half of them because no where near that many players can possibly make their roster?

So I hear they are looking at Darrelle Revis. They definitely will get him or somebody else good for some draft picks.

You would think the 49ers would want to move up in the draft and give 2 for 1 draft picks. Ive seen a lot of comments in these forums about the Steelers moving down in the draft to pick up extra picks. Makes sense to me.

Players like Matt Elam and Tavon Austin and Eddie Lacy who have been talked about in these forums might not go in the first round. Same with linebackers like Manti Teo and Alec Overtree. What if the Steelers trade their number 1 (#17) for the pick the 49ers got from the Chiefs, which is the 2nd pick in the 2nd round (#34)? And the Steelers get another pick, say in the 3rd round? This gives the 49ers another 1st pick to bargain with for somebody like Revis, and still have a 1st round pick for themselves.

One or two of those guys like Elam, Austin, Lacy, Teo, Overtree most likely will be available at pick #34 and one or two of them likely will be available for the Steelers current pick in the 2nd round.

Some team is going to do something like this with the 49ers.
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