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Talking An open challange

Yes I am a FNG, although I've been to these forums before I've been far too lazy to register, much less post. However the off season has bored me to death already. As you probably noticed I am indeed a ravens fan and mainly came here to talk smack with my most hated enemies, while occasionally coming together to hate the Patsies. But never forget I am a Ravens fan and I couldn't possibly hate your team anymore(even if i do respect them). Hopefully the football gods will answer my prayers and a meteor will hit Heinz field in all of its pisscoloredness.

So lets get the inevitable smack out the way beforehand.

1) Rothleisberger is a rapist
2) If Harrison isn't under investigation for murder he should be.
3) Despite her hard hiting and obvious ball playing skills it's unfair that Troy Polamalu is the only female in the NFL.

In response you might say.
1) Ray Lewis is a double murderer thug who belongs in prison.
2) Suggs is a wife beating thug
3) Joe Flacco sucks and has a unibrow, which is more impressive that in his career.
4) Charlie Batch
5) 6 rings.

Now onto my challenge:

I challenge the member of this forum to come up with a better smack name the "Ratbirds" seriously is that all you got? At least Stillers,Squeelers, Stoolers, Stains and Bungles, and Patsies are a play on the teams actual name. Unlike people who refer to the Ravens as "Rats" (not even the same species) and Ratbirds (not even remotely related to a Raven beyond the fact there both birds.).

Come one Stoolers fan, step ya smack game up
Baltimore Ravens: Superbowl XLVII Champions!
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