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Default Re: Flacco to be looking for $20M !!

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
Raven's fans should not be celebrating this evening.
Now, they'll have to say "goodbye, Kruger" (in my opinion, they're best and most valuable free agent), and goodbye to this and goodbye to that.

Welcome to salary cap hell. You can't have it all.
Winner : Flacco himself (and his agent)
Losers : the rest of the team and the Baltimore fans (the honest truth is that Flacco is good - but not even nearly that good...end of story).
Not sure there was ever any chance we could keep Kruger, but this deal increases the chance not decreases it.

Flacco's cap number for 2013 will likely be less than $10M (maybe a few million less than that), whereas the non-exclusive tag would have been $14.6M, and the exclusive tag $18M+.

I think we lose Kruger, we keep Ellerbe, we keep Jacoby Jones. Boldin is iffy, I know we want to keep him, but we may try to reduce his cap number through an extension/restructure. Ed Reed will get the Ray Lewis treatment from a couple years back and be told to test the market and come back to us. We will let him walk if the price is too high, imo.
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