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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

If Cooper is on the board and we don't take him I'd be flabbergasted. If you like what you saw out of DeCastro,, you need to check out Cooper's highlights from UNC. I know I've been sounding like a Johnny One Note on this guy, but the kid can play.

Most folks are thinking of playing Beachum at LG, and use the pick for something else, but there is nothing in the first twenty picks that I can see that would be a better value. If you draft a defensive player, they are going to sit a year. For offensive skill players like RB and WR, you end up paying through the nose for them, and their careers are relatively short.

Trading down is an option, but with a good possibility that both Starks and Foster are going to leave via FA, leaves us with only Legurski and Malecki for depth. The talent level in this years draft for OL drops off the cliff after Womack and Cooper are off the board. I wouldn't bet the farm at Colon's return either. Even if he did, just how many innings can you expect out of him before he gets hurt again?

Hey, this just my opinion, and I'm sure as heck no expert. I've been wrong as rain before.
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