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Default Re: Offensive Line is STILL a big problem

As much as I would love to see Max stick, Starks is going to get around a $2 million two, year deal at least in free agency, and a starting job. At best he would be offered a vet minimum contract and a spot on the bench with the Steelers until either Adams or Gilbert went down.

Why would he sign with us? Keep in mind, this more than likely be Starks last chance at a decent pay for the rest of his life.

Even if we did hang on to Starks, Legurski is a stop gap at center at best, and a liability at either guard position. Malecki is another underpowered lineman, better suited for center than guard as well, If either Beachum ( the assumed LG at this point) or DeCastro go down, we are screwed royally. The best thing about Beachum is his position flexibility. He's got the brains to mentally understand all 5 positions ( no small feat) and skills to execute reasonable well.

I guess we'll see my friend.
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