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Default Re: An open challange

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
Okay, yeah, whatev. Prob the reason there is no smack talk on your Ratbirds forum is because nobody really cares about your team or your fans. Or maybe because your administrator(s)/moderator(s) bans everyone who does talk smack because you're such a bunch of babies.

Did you read the forum rules when you registered? How about the description for the Blast Furnace. Here, I will help you.

Blast Furnace
"Want to talk smack? Back it up with facts! What goes on in the 'BF' stays in the 'BF'. Not for the meek of heart or easily offended. Please keep in mind that most of the rules still apply. ATTENTION: MATURE PEOPLE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR ONLY!"

Seems clear to me where you should have posted your smack.

You're just another attention wh0re.
Sense of humor huh? does it count if i'm currently ? You seem so angry, perhaps you should leave the big kids section :)
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