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Default Re: Steelers Keenan Lewis hints at 'a secret'

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Not sure, I'll ask my son how he does things on Madden. Mike Wallace underperformed immensely, while the Browns rookie from Baylor played better than most thought he would. Wonder who had more drops last season?

Just watch what he gets for a contract. You say Lewis isnt that good....based on what?? INT's??? Passes defended?? Tackles??

I love the pessimistic Steeler fans that cry we need better CB's, then when a Steeler CB actually has a great season, they think he isnt worth retaining.
I don't care about stats when it comes to players performance. It's very misleading. I use the eye test. I dissect the team and its players. I consistently see Lewis a day late and a dollar short. He never had to face any of the stud receivers and when he did, our team lost and he was average. He can't keep up with receivers on their breaks. It's both his lack of ability and his lack of skill. I am sure he will get a nice contract but the team that does will regret it. If you can't put your corner on an island with the games best receivers then he isn't worth the money. But Lewis can't even cover number two's. Yes his stats show he had so many pass defends but this was against really subpar passing attacks, where he was thrown at instead of at Ike, so with increased chances come increased defends. That would be okay if he was like a lot of the other suspect corners who get picked on who at least get INT once in a while. Lewis does not.

Just because he is better than what we have does not make him worth what he is seeking. It's a condemnation of our total failure at addressing this position over the last decade. Total failure. So in comparison to Gay, Lewis is head and shoulders better. In comparison to Ike, Ike is as much superior to Lewis as Lewis is to Gay.
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