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Talking Mark Cuban Questions for Shaq

i dont know if id want to awaken a giant but this stuff is hilarious (from his blog)

Questions I would ask and blogging the finals.
Posted Jun 7, 2006, 9:40 AM ET
these are days when you wish cloning was legal and possible. Whether in person , phone or email, the questions asked leading up to the finals are the same over and over again. A Stepford Mark would be highly desirable right about now.

To show everyone the depth of my reporting instincts, Im going to offer the questions I would offer the person who is probably taking the biggest onslaught of media, Shaq.

Here are the questions I want answers to from Shaquille:

1. Shaq - You have several young children. Which Wiggles song is your favorite ? Which do you like the least ?
2. How many times have you had to watch Ice Age and did you take your kids to see Ice Age 2 ?
3. Are your kids so big they are confused with kids twice their age ?
4. Have you ever been contacted to turn Kazaam into an off Broadway musical ? Has anyone sampled Shaq Fu in a hit song yet ?
5. Will you admit in public that you have hummed Barney?s ?I Love You? song to yourself in a game ?

I could go on, but Ive shown off enough :)

And as far as blogging the finals. Im deciding if blogging at half time from the home games is a good idea or not?

And the big question is, where are you going to watch the game this Thursday and with who ??
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