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Default Re: Fire Todd Haley!!!!!

You have a point about the OL. Also, your observation about Ben is spot on, but I'm sure it has occurred to you that the reason Ben had to hang on to the ball forever, starting in his formative years, is because it took forever for his receivers to get open?

As that line deteriorated, he didn't have time to hold on to the ball for a millisecond, and last year was no different, as he was behind the scrubeanie lineman de jour. Two of the top picks were either on IR or missed significant time. Colon was a 4th round pic, Beachum a 7th, Legurski and Foster were a free agents. Hardly high pedigree material. And then Ben got hurt.....

Going forward, IF these kids stay healthy, it should be a great OL for a long time.
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