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Default Re: 2004/05 Playoffs...A wonderful look back

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
And this year if you make it far enough to face us,we will destroy you guys.

Yes,look back if you want,I am looking forward.No fourth ring for the Gaytriots this year.

All I keep hearing is Steeler fans saying the Pats can't do it, the Pats can't do it. And every season I see the Steelers not doing it, the Steelers not doing it, yet we end up with the rings. :D

On a serious note, Cowher has enjoyed a ridiculous run in Pitt. I like the guy, but how do you guys feel about him? In a league where the average span of a coach with a team is like 4 years or less, what is the situation with Cowher and Steelers fans? Just curious. I can't think of many more coaches who could do a better job, yet he has yet to win it all.

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