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Default Re: Starkey: Steelers taking unfair hits

Originally Posted by BowCatShot View Post
What a bunch of crap. The Patriots have had winning season after winning season, haven't they? Then according to the twisted logic of this post they oughta be in salary cap hell also. Shouldn't they? But they're not. How is that possible?
The Patriots don't exactly have a star studded roster either. They have suppossedly the best QB and Head Coach in the league, yet we've won 2 SB's since they've won their last, which was almost a decade ago now.
I'm tired of hearing the Patriots bullcrap. Brady has consistently had shit for receivers because the Pats know as we do that they can win without paying $12M for a guy that touches the ball 7 times a game. They just let their #1 WR go for $6M/year for a 2 year deal.
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