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Default Re: You're missing the real target here.

Originally Posted by wootawnee View Post
That is all bullshit con-strewed meaningless points that classless/heartless men, (reminds me of Longshank who cut up William Wallace), who run up unnecessary points when the games at hand.....

The STEELERS are an organization of real men with heart, dignity,compassion and character, who chose to run the clock out and end the game when its well at hand, not run up the score and be a egotistical points champion.....

Look how CLASSLESS Robert Craft was this weekend talking about Welker and Brady.... True colors....
the Steelers offense has had a hard time getting to 21-24 points - forget talking about class - this is about the offense not carrying this team and doing what it has to do to win games for this team consistently - its about having a killer attitude and never feeling satisfied - sorry - I just get the feeling youre seeing the Steelers through homer-colored glasses - unless you're being sarcastic - they actually have been in the news for all the wrong reasons more than most teams lately - If teams are winning the SB averaging 30+ points, I don't think its too classless to ask for the offense to aim for a dominating level - I think its long overdue with the franchise QB and surrounding talent we've had

I think most owners are shrewd businessmen and class is pretty irrelevant when it comes down to bottom dollar. If you want class over winning as a fan - maybe you should sign up for some of their black tie events? Are they "classier in the public eye" than some teams like the Raiders and Cowboys? Sure - but don't mix perception with reality.
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