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Default Re: You're missing the real target here.

Originally Posted by lookitthaaat32 View Post
lol aint that the truth. Looking at this past season in both wins and losses, the margin came by 7 points or less! Which means one more completion there, one less fumble there, one more stop on 3rd down, one less penalty negating a long punt return and we would've won most of our games (which also means we could've lost many more games if our opponents had done just a bit more as well).

The Steelers just basically need to do ONE THING only - score more points and start by doing that in the first half not the 4th quarter come-from-behind or final drive approach they've adopted and have gotten so comfortable with. The bar needs to be higher. When you are dominating a game you have to slam the door.

To put a different spin on this, if our offense threatened teams it would make the opposition take more chances. Notice almost every team that has a lot of takeaways has a high powered offense that puts pressure on the opposing offense to keep pace. This makes them take chances they normally wouldn't. Unfortunately right now no one is worried we will bury them. They won’t take unnecessary chances. Our offense needs to do better to pressure the opposing teams offense. But that is not the Steelers way. They allow teams to hang around and stick to their game plan instead of forcing them out of their comfort zone. So might as well run a fucking draw on 3rd and 8 to a third down back just to eat some clock.
This is an excellent analysis.

The Steelers need to score more points. Exactly. I don't have much reason to believe the defense will not be fine as usual. Sure, there is some tuning to do, with a few draft picks and a few free agents at the right price, including perhaps some of our own. I'm not going to complain about a defense that is ranked number one even if it doesn't make many splash plays.

How are the Steelers going to score more points? I'm more concerned about how the Steelers are going to score as many points as last season. Mike Wallace and Heath Miller led the Steelers with 8 TDs each. Where will those two guys be when this next season starts? Who is going to make up all that production?
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