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Default Re: You're missing the real target here.

I think most of us are coming to a general consensus that scoring points on offense is of utmost importance (duh, right?) - but more importantly, that there seems to be an attitude that has crept in to the offensive side of the ball dating back somewhere between when the clock struck zero on SB 43 and when the clock struck zero on SB 45.

The time of possession argument will continue and the jury is still out on Haley and Ben putting a top 10 offense out on the field. However, I don't think it is ludicrous to say that a change in approach and attitude towards efficiency and consistency had to be made for the sake of 1. Realizing the myriad of options Ben needs to at least glance at and this continues into 2. Helping the O-line helping Ben so he can play another 5-6 seasons instead of 2 or 3.

If we all remember that Haley and Ben did talk about more vertical / aggressive down field throws to attack instead of what some call TOP/Marty ball, as the season progressed but that injuries hindered their future tweaks to the offense, maybe, just maybe efficiency was just the tip of the iceberg in scoring more, and consistently, and that he had to take that leap first so things set up nicely for vertical options, throwing a new look to opponents during a playoff run. Not saying that is the case, but Ben could not just go from gunslinger to deadly efficient overnight and that maybe this was the first step for him.

I think Logical is something that I'd like to call Haley's offense from a situation standpoint - something that was sorely lacking, and I think logic, barring injury, would continue to dictate that a more aggressive game plan was/in the works.
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