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Default Re: Running Game and our Running backs

Originally Posted by SteelerJay View Post
Elam with a trade down, and LB Arthur Brown in the 2nd
If we are going to draft ilb, I'd much rather have teo over brown. If the steelers intend on leaving Timmons in the Mack position where the linebackers role is to cover rbs and tight ends more and play sideline to sideline ( more althetic type ) then brown will not be drafted because he would be a Mack linebacker in the steelers defense. The buck position requires the linebacker to play against the run and play near the line of scrimmage more so teo would be a better fit than brown.

But if they intend on moving Timmons over which I think a lot people want to see him blitz more and be around the line of scrimmage more than brown would be a good pick.
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